Creating an engaging experience for your learners involves a special combination of experienced designers, developers, and trainers, delivering content that sings. We leverage game mechanics in everything we do, to incentivize and reward your teams for them to excel. At ERS we work closely with your Subject Matter Experts to understand and map the best approach to illustrate your story.


Every hands-on approach to learning is driven through understanding and application. ERS drives every participant to immerse themselves not only in the content, but also in problem solving and teamwork. With programs like our mastery challenge, learners walk away with real world tools to deliver on the goals you set out for them.

In concert we provide a digital experience (vERSe), designed to prepare, enhance, and carry over the learnings long after the event has passed. Reinforcing and driving the content to through gamification and incentives when possible.

  • Live and Virtual Workshops
  • Gamification
  • Product Introduction, Launch, and Certification Workshops
  • Immersive Workshop Experiences
  • vERSe—The Virtual ERS Experience

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