ERS develops custom training curriculums for life science companies that address the needs of commercial, medical affairs, and market access teams. We begin with understanding the needs of those we will train, then map out a curriculum that is designed to create awareness for the product, build understanding within the disease state, foster proficiency in both disease state and product knowledge, and reinforce fluency to help our learners become experts in dealing with health care professionals.

Curriculum Development

We know how to train people effectively based on almost 3 decades of expertise we have developed for hundreds of life science clients. Our curriculums are developed to start learners along the path toward product mastery and incorporate blended learning modalities, interactivity, and adult learning principles along with instructional design elements that engage learners, capturing their attention and imagination.

  • Curriculum Design
  • Disease State Training
  • Product-based Training
  • Skills Training

  • Leadership Training
  • Onboarding and Advanced Training
  • Pull-through and Reinforcement

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